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Welcome to the Discussion Post for Part 1 (Pages 60-103) of Stick by Andrew Smith.   1.  Early in Part 2, Stick compares his mother to two women, first to Emily (comparing their bathrooms) and then to Mrs. Lohman (Stick’s mom with a cigarette & knife… Continue Reading “DISCUSSION: STICK BY ANDREW SMITH (PART 2)”

Discussion: Stick by Andrew Smith (Part 1)

Welcome to the Discussion Post for Part 1 (Pages 2-59) of Stick by Andrew Smith. 1.  Last month, we read In the Path of Falling Objects which had, as its protagonists, two brothers with quite an interesting relationship.  A third brother, absent from the… Continue Reading “Discussion: Stick by Andrew Smith (Part 1)”

July Read-Along: Stick by Andrew Smith

Hello, People and Things! Today is July 1st – Which means it is time to start reading the next book in our Andrew Smith summer read-along schedule!  Our selection for July is Stick – and I will be hosting this time around!  I absolutely loved… Continue Reading “July Read-Along: Stick by Andrew Smith”

Review: Stick by Andrew Smith

Stick by Andrew Smith Final Verdict: 3.75 out of 4.0 YTD: 23 Plot/Story: 4 – Plot/Story is interesting/believable and impactful Andrew Smith’s Stick is a powerful story about love and brotherhood.  Not since Brothers by Ted van Lieshout has there been such a touching, personal,… Continue Reading “Review: Stick by Andrew Smith”

Roof Beam Reader’s 2020 Year in Review

Welcome to My Reading Year in Review! This year sucked in most ways, let’s be real. But one area of my life that was decidedly un-sucky was my reading. I had a goal of reading only a dozen or so books, because I knew how… Continue Reading “Roof Beam Reader’s 2020 Year in Review”


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