Review Policy

Information for Authors/Publishers/Agents:

Thank you for considering Roof Beam Reader for your reviewing needs.

I do accept Advance Reader Copies (ARCs) of books to review on my website. I have been getting a lot of these requests lately, so I must regrettably deny most; however, if the book sounds interesting and you have completed the Review Request Form (Found Here), I will seriously consider accepting.

What I Review: Literature, Literary Fiction, LGBT, Classics, Dystopian Fiction, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Young Adult, YA Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Drama, Non-Fiction.

What I Do Not Review: Romance, Erotica, Religious Fiction, Paranormal Romance, Self-Published Works of Any Kind.

Format: I accept only physical copies of books to review.

Items to Note:

1) I use my personally developed review system for all books, whether they are my choice or author copies or requests for reviews from publishers. This means you are going to get my honest opinion of the book and by sending me a copy of the book for review, you agree to allow my honest review to be posted publicly to this website:, without constraint or repercussion.

2) I only accept physical copies of books. I do not have e-book or web-book capabilities at this time. If you cannot provide a physical copy for review, which will remain my property, please do not send your review request as I must deny it.

3) I will not accept compensation in monetary form; however, if an author whose work I am reviewing wishes to provide an interview, guest post, or giveaway materials for my readers, to help them get to know him/her and their works, and to further market their upcoming book(s), I am happy to work with them in this regard.

How I Decide What to Review:

I do evaluate each request that I receive in order to determine whether or not I will review the book. If the book sounds interesting and if I feel it would suit, I will consider accepting it for review; however, much will depend on how many requests I have pending at the time. Please fill out the Review Request Form to submit your request.

Author Interviews, Guest Posts, and Giveaways:

I am often willing to promote a book with a giveaway, author interview and/or guest post. Please e-mail me with these requests.

My Review System:

How Do I Review?

My reviews are based on an overall impression I had of the novel as a whole, upon completing it. Did I like it? Was it meaningful? Did the book entertain me, teach me something, or move me in some way? Typically, the books which I find to be 1) very well written and 2) purposeful or meaningful in some way will get the highest reviews. I review on a scale of “Stars” from 0 – 4 (formerly, 0-5). 0 being a book that was an absolute waste of time and could potentially make a person stupider by reading. 4’s are reserved for books that are flawless in construction and delivery, plus offer something to be gained, either in knowledge or spiritual/moral/social growth (not religious spirituality, but in a reflection of self-in-the-world).

What Factors Are Taken Into Account?

I tend to look at prose, plot, characterization & character development. I also look for sub-plots, plausible outcomes/conclusions, and some sort of conviction (moral, scientific, religious, ethical, natural, etc.) which is put to argument. I also do my best to keep in mind both the subject matter, the age-appropriateness of the text, and the time period in which it was written. For this reason, a young adult fantasy novel may earn 4 Stars, whereas a classic literature novel could earn 3. Ultimately, the rating reflects my informed opinion and perception of how well I believe these books reached and impacted their target audience.

Can We See What You Use to Compile Your Review?

Yes – for all reviews which are posted prior to 7/10/2010, either the general/simplified “Summary – Good – Bad – Final Verdict” template is used, or a general paragraph on the book was written, nothing more. As of 7/10/2010, I have begun using the template scorecard below, which I developed myself. Please do not copy my review template. Plagiarism and intellectual theft are disgusting habits. 

Book Review Template


  1. Incomprehensible/Unbelievable Plot/Story.
  2. Plot/Story could work with better development.
  3. Plot/Story is interesting & believable.
  4. Plot/Story is interesting/believable and impactful (socially, academically, etc.)


  1. Characters not at all developed.
  2. Characters slightly developed.
  3. Characters well-developed.
  4. Characters extraordinarily developed.


  1. Distracting or Unprofessional/Improper Prose/Style.
  2. Prose/Style in need of Development but works.
  3. Satisfactory Prose/Style, conducive to the Story.
  4. Extraordinary Prose/Style, enhancing the Story.

Additional Elements: Setting, Symbols/Motifs, Resolution, etc.

  1. No additional elements are present and/or they are irrelevant.
  2. Additional elements are present but do not develop the Story.
  3. Additional elements are present and cohesive to the Story.
  4. Additional elements improve and advance the story.

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