Wrap-Up: Stick by Andrew Smith

So, we have come to the end of Book 2 in our Andrew Smith Summer reading plan!  I don’t know about you, but I have had a great experience with both books (In the Path of Falling Objects and Stick) so far.  I’m really looking forward to our August choice, Ghost Medicine, the discussion for which will be hosted over at Not Now, I’m Reading.

I really only have one question this week:  What did YOU think of the book?  Were you surprised by the ending?  How did you feel about Bosten’s situation and about Stick’s determination to find his older brother?  Do you have hope for the boys and their future?

If you’re interested in what I thought, over all, feel free to check out my review.  There will also be a giveaway of our September book, The Marbury Lens, coming soon from Smash Attack Reads, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

See you next week for Discussion 1 of Ghost Medicine!

August: Ghost Medicine (Hosted by Not Now…I’m Reading)

  • 8/4: Chapter 1 – 8
  • 8/11: Chapter 9 – 15
  • 8/18: Chapter 16 – 22
  • 8/25: Chapter 23 – 29

3 Comments on “Wrap-Up: Stick by Andrew Smith

  1. Sorry I completely failed in commenting the last two weeks, but you know I finished the book! 🙂

    I really liked the book, but I am wondering if it is a Smith trademark to take things to a crazy level. On one hand, I really felt that all the crazy elements distracted from the core of the novel-the brothers, their relationship, and what was happening in their home life. Things like the houseboat and Stick’s journeys on the road seemed almost distracting to me. But I did love the core of the novel, I was particularly drawn to Bosten’s story and wish we knew more about him as a character…but I suppose there is a reason the book was called Stick. 🙂


    • “I am wondering if it is a Smith trademark to take things to a crazy level.” Wait til you read The Marbury Lens. 😉


  2. I totally failed commenting last week. 😦

    Stick was a nice surprise. It was full of heart and soul and pain and brotherhood. Brotherhood and family is a serious theme I’m noticing in Andrew’s books. I loved the aunt and was overwhelmed by her generosity and willingness to open her heart and home to those boys. It is people like her that SAVE lives.


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