It’s a Subscriber Celebration!

Are You Ready for an Epic Celebration!?

This Giveaway is Now Closed. 

Over the past few weeks, I have been dropping hints/teasers about an insanely epic giveaway coming to the blog.  First, let me take a minute to thank some people whom I have met, collaborated with, and been inspired by over the course of this journey.  Then, I will explain how this massive giveaway came about.

Thank you, to publishers who have sent me books for review, set up author interviews, sponsored giveaways, etc.  Special thanks to:

Simon & Schuster, W.W. Norton & Co, Penguin, Viking, Inspired Quill, Atria, Doubleday, Little Brown, Harper Perennial, and Random House

Thank you, to authors who have engaged with me, commented on my work, provided guest posts, sponsored giveaways, and made me happy in general.  Special thanks to:

Andrew Smith, Kathe Koja, Catherine Ryan Hyde, Robert Dunbar, Brian Farrey, and David Levithan, Arthur Wooten, and K.B. Dixon.

Thank you, to book bloggers who have worked with me on various projects, inspired me to keep going, work harder, be more creative. Special thanks to:

A Literary Odyssey,  A Room of One’s Own, Dead White Guys, I Read Banned Books, Esther Hawdon, Owl Tell You About It, and Leeswammes among many, many others.

Just after hitting 3,000 subscribers at Roof Beam Reader, I was contacted by an author with whom I communicate fairly regularly and with whom I have worked in the past.  She e-mailed me with a congratulatory note and also said that she would like to give something back to my blog and its readers.

In the e-mail, she says: “It seems like every time I stop by your blog, there is a giveaway happening, or just ending, or just about to begin!  You are so generous to your readers, so generous to writers, and so committed to this joyful pursuit we all have in common! It is inspiring and I would love to congratulate you and celebrate with you.” She goes on to say that she will sponsor a 4,000 subscriber giveaway and the prize will be specifically for my USA subscribers.  

Well, of course, I was flattered, stunned, grateful, and did not waste a minute in accepting her offer (especially after reading what she would be giving away!).  But, I thought I would have to come up with something to include on my own, for international subscribers.  I try to make my giveaways open to as many people as possible, always, so I couldn’t just leave out the rest of the world.  Enter coincidental contact e-mail #2!

Shortly after reaching about 3,500 subscribers on the blog, I was contacted by a group of colleagues that I have worked with on many occasions and they, too, wanted to do something nice for Roof Beam Reader.  Collectively (there were three of them), they decided to offer up an incredibly generous gift to my International readers, since I had mentioned to them that my U.S. readers were going to have an offer all of their own.  

So, I coordinated with both sponsors and it was agreed that, when Roof Beam Reader hit the 4,000 Subscriber mark, I would alert them and we would do a combined USA/International HOORAY! giveaway.  And that time has come!  

The initial sponsor wanted to remain nameless, so the second group decided to do so as well (they wanted me to take credit for this giveaway, as I’ve done so many in the past, but I refused – I could never afford this big of a giveaway, anyway!).  Let’s just say, Roof Beam Reader has some amazing, generous angels on its subscriber list, so this is from them to you. 

So, as it happens, two very generously donated/sponsored giveaways have come in ALL FOR YOU!!  

Giveaway #1 for my USA Subscribers: A Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet (16GB)

Giveaway #2 for my International Subscribers: A $150 Gift Card! 

This Giveaway is Open to the USA and to Any country where Amazon Gift Cards are Available. 


1. Be 13+ (with parental permission to enter if under 13).

2. Be a subscriber of this blog.

       –You can subscribe by e-mail (left-side menu) or through WordPress (if a member).

3. Fill out THIS FORM. Giveaway Closes in 2 weeks (September 15th at Noon Central Time)

4. Winner will need to respond to my e-mail within 48 hours or new winner will be selected.

5. One entry per person. Multiple entries will disqualify you.

You can earn additional entries (see Entry Form) by:

-Following me on Twitter (@RoofBeamReader)

-Liking my Facebook Page (Click Here)

-Tweeting the Following: Roof Beam Reader Subscriber Celebration! Win a Nook Tablet or $150 Gift Card! @RoofBeamReader

That’s it! Good Luck! 

48 Comments on “It’s a Subscriber Celebration!

  1. wow that is quite amazing! hope it all goes well and some lucky person will be over the moon with this, wishing you ever success, i hope you have a fab day xx


  2. Adam, congratulations on SO many subscribers. It’s amazing (or really not all that amazing, given the high quality of your blog) to see that you’ve reached 4,000 subscribers. Brilliant!

    The giveaway is incredible but I realise I should not thank you this time, but your sponsors. Although, if it wasn’t for your own generosity they wouldn’t have organised this. It’s wonderful that there are all these nice people doing this for you.

    I hope you will be able to keep your blog going for a long time. 5,000 is the next stop!


    • Thanks, Judith!! It’s hard to believe… almost seems like I looked up from a book one day and suddenly all these folks had appeared out of nowhere, wanting to know what I thought. Kind of crazy. Kind of scary. But a whole lot of fun, too!



  3. Thank you for such generosity to all the great sponsors ^^ but also thank you for having the will to do something including internationals without you it would not have been possible so thank you

    you really deserve these shows of appreciation


    • You’re very welcome! Spread the love all over the world! We all deserve it (and we all need it).


  4. Congratulations on this incredible milestone. Thank you for all you have shared with us to you and your generous sponsors, may the next 4000 be filled with joy and lots of good books 🙂


  5. Holy cow, Adam, this is awesome! Thank YOU for running such a great blog, and thank all of you who made this giveaway happen.

    Congrats on having 4,000 subscribers!


  6. This is incredibly generous!! Thank you to the sponsers for your generosity. You have underlined book blogging and put a couple exclamation points after it, with this gesture. It’s very much appreciated. 🙂

    And to Adam — thank you to YOU! Your energy and dedication to inspiring a love of literature in the community has done a lot for me. I love chatting books with you. (Pssst: Mark Twain! The Perks of Being a Wallflower! Jane Austen! (I never knew you identified with Marianne!) Harry Potter! Gone With the Wind! JD Salinger! Agnes Grey! Walden!!! Thanks for encouraging me to read Thoreau last winter! Incredible!! Irving Stone! Great Expectations!)

    I’m really glad to have met a PhD lit student who is so down to earth and funny. You make me grin — and of course, I’m really happy you joined us for The Classics Club!

    Congrats on 4,000, sir. And thanks for all you do here. 🙂


    • Isn’t it fantastic! I was overwhelmed by their generosity!

      And, thank you for those comments! Gosh, that list of great reading you tie-in to conversations with ME makes me feel like, I dunno, a pretty rad reader! LOL

      And, yes, I definitely saw a lot of myself in Marianne! haha

      I hope I can keep my sense of humor and whatnot throughout the program… I was very excited this week, because the classes were great and it felt SO GOOD to be back in an academic setting (Well, okay, I work full-time in an academic setting, but being back in actual classes, where I’m the student, gets my synapses firing in a totally different, oh-so-missed way). But, I’ll be constantly reading 4 or 5 texts at a time… I foresee burn-out at some point!


  7. Wow! Congratulations. Must be a lot of people who enjoy your reviews as much as I do. I have followed you for a while via GFC but just signed up to follow via email so I can participate in this great giveaway. Please keep the reviews coming.


    • Thanks!! And, yes, thanks to the 4 awesome people behind the giveaways! It’s crazy!


    • Thank you very much! Glad to have such a wonderful group of people be a part of it all!


  8. Woow…congratulations! And thanks for this very generous giveaway… especially that you considered to make it international too 🙂


  9. Congratulations! You’re really so generous!
    Thanks a lot for the giveaway and for making it International 🙂


  10. Congratulations Adam, well deserved. Thanks to you and your sponsors for such an incredible giveaway. I already submitted for the international giveaway! 🙂


  11. A giant congrats to you Adam!! Keep on doing what you do, you do it very well and I’m glad to be one of your followers 😀

    What an awesome giveaway, woot woot!


  12. Congratulations on reaching 4,000 subscribers! It also made me realize I hadn’t followed from my new blog yet – oops! Can’t wait to watch that number continue to grow. I’m sure I’ve said this before, but you’re one of the first bloggers I started following and conversing with, so many thanks for helping me get into the groove of blogging. As always, I’m excited to see what comes next. 🙂


  13. Congratulations to you Adam! 4,000 subscribers is incredible. Love your blog and content. You deserve it. Thanks to your generous sponsors for the giveaway! Imagine all of the books that could be purchased with $150. It makes me swoon. 🙂


  14. Amazing giveaway, Adam, you should be really proud of the connections you’ve made with readers and writers. Very cool that two different groups have reached out to also thank your readers and recognize your passion and commitment to good books! Bravo!


  15. Awesome!! I thought I have subscribed to your blogroll, considering that I’ve followed your tweets. But then I realised I have not! Now the problem’s fixed. Thanks for sharing your passion. By the way, you have generous sponsors, indeed!


  16. Congrats to whoever the winners were! 🙂 Thank you Roof Beam Reader for the great giveaway! Many blessings to you! 🙂


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