Readalongs: Macbeth and Doctor Sleep

Hello, folks!  I have decided to take part in two read-alongs during the month of October.

macbethNumber One

The first is a read-along of Macbeth, which I guess I’m technically “hosting,” but it will be very informal.  The idea came about via a Twitter conversation (as is usually the case) with @Leeswammes and @bibliosue.  Anyone who would like to join in, please feel free!  Macbeth is a five act play, so we plan to read basically one (or 1+) act each week.

I will have a more formal reading plan posted on October 1st, which is when I plan to begin reading.  Macbeth is great fun, so if you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it. It’s also PERFECT Halloween reading. You can find additional thoughts and a sign-up widget in Bibliosue’s announcement post, Here.


Number Two

The second read-along is hosted by Tif at Tif Talks Books.  This is for Doctor Sleep, which is the new Stephen King novel, a sequel to his incredibly popular (and awesome) The Shining.  Details about this read-along can be found Right Here. We’ll be keeping up with our reading on Twitter, with the hashtag #Sleepalong.

5 Comments on “Readalongs: Macbeth and Doctor Sleep

  1. I am so excited that you will be joining us for Doctor Sleep! I’ve been holding off reading it, but it’s not much longer now before I can dive in!! 🙂


  2. MacBeth and I are making an odd start! I ordered the DVD and a book from the local library. Then I found a copy in the school library but it was a bit old so the librarian ordered a different copy for me from another branch. It didn’t have footnotes with “translations” of old-fashioned words (well, not on the same page), not so useful.

    Then the DVD from the library only ran for 10 minutes, then it stopped (some technical error). The witches haven’t even met MacBeth yet! 🙂 The book from the local library is a summary for children, so not a play. So, after all these options, I stuck with the original book – which is the original play (or, as the foreword says, it might be the original play). Still looking for a different DVD as I’d like to watch it performed, too. As a play should be.


    • Ah, fascinating! It seems the curse of The Scottish Play has set its sights upon you!


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