Some Updates And Stuff

Books Read Since May 25:

Imre: A Memorandum by Edward Prime-Stevenson (4 of 5)

If you’re interested in the history of LGBT literature, this is a must. It was published in 1906 and it’s perhaps the first example of gay literature with a happy ending. Pretty fantastic book, and completely under-appreciated. I’m currently reading LGBT history of the 20th century in chronological order (not all of it OBVIOUSLY, but a fair amount. I’ll try to post something about this project sometime in the near future – so if you’re interested, stay tuned).

Allegiant by Veronica Roth (3 of 5)

I thought this final installment in the trilogy was alright. It was a bit derivative (meaning, clearly and directly informed by other sci-fi/fantasy stories) and also a little over-the-top with the romantic scenes. But, entertaining, easy to read, well-paced and fun nonetheless.

Insurgent by Veronica Roth (4 of 5)

My personal favorite of the Divergent series. Fun, interesting, compelling, with plenty of room for growth. A definite page-turner.

Reality Boy by A.S. King (4 of 5)

This book was really cool. I agree with King on so many levels. What we’ve done to people who participate in reality television, but especially children, is tragic. We really need to evaluate ourselves and our society to determine what’s actually important and to ask why we’re wasting our time on such trashy things.

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