Book Blogger Book Swap Round 1

I’m participating in an awesome event called “The Book Blogger Book Swap” which is hosted by Allie of A Literary Odyssey.

A few times a year, we are partnered (anonymously) with another participating blogger to exchange a package of books + other goodies, based on a short survey we each filled  out (wish list items, favorite things, books we want to buy, etc.)

unnamedThe first round is currently underway and I’ve received my package from Melissa at Stage Write! Melissa is another one of the co-moderators of The Classics Club and we have known each other as book bloggers for a number of years, so I was thrilled to receive this package from her!  She picked three books from my wish list, including The Art of War, a collection of plays by Tennessee Williams, and A Brief History of Nearly Everything, all of which I’ve wanted to read for a long time!

IMG_20150801_225634In addition, she sent me these awesome fantasy fiction-themed candles, including one from Harry Potter (Hagrid’s Pumpkin Patch) and one from The Hunger Games (Pita’s Cakes). The pumpkin one smells JUST LIKE PUMPKINS, which is awesome because I love everything about autumn. Peet’s candle smells a lot like cinnamon rolls combined with sugar cookies…. frankly, it’s making me really hungry! Haha. Thank goodness she also included chocolate covered almonds for me to munch on! (I LOVE chocolate and I eat almonds every single day…so, hello! Winner!)

IMG_20150802_144717Melissa also sent me this adorable cake topper because she knows I’m getting married later this year (in October – see – autumn!). We actually hadn’t yet picked out a cake topper, so yay! What a thoughtful gift!

I’m still in the process of compiling my secret book swap pal’s gift box, so I can’t say too much about that yet, but I hope she ends up as happy with hers as I am with mine! This is such an awesome experience, and it’s a great group of people, too.

What do you think?

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