Master Post: #TheLiteraryOthers LGBT Reading Event!

4a81c8a7-05ac-47b4-964b-5869f5a8e838_zpsirguiazbWelcome to the Master Post for The Literary Others Reading Event!

This is a one-month event focused on all things LGBT, in honor of LGBT History Month (USA). Reading that will count for this event include any novels, short stories, essays, memoirs, biographies, poetry, plays, audiobooks, graphic novels, etc. written by an author who identifies as Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, or Transgender. Also, any works written by heterosexual authors, but whose primary plot/characters revolve around LGBT issues will count as well. See this post for more information and some suggestions. 

In early August, I announced sign-ups for the event, and was very happy to see that so many folks were interested and eager to get involved!  Thank you all for your positivity and encouragement, and for spreading the word about this event (please continue to do so! Twitter/Instagram/Facebook, etc: #TheLiteraryOthers)

I have a lot of things planned for this month, including giveaways, guest posts from authors and allies, and of course, my own reading and reviewing of LGBT works. First, let’s talk logistics.

2016hmholderWhenever you review a book or write a post related to the event, please link to it in the comments of this very master post. Please include the title or subject of whatever your post is about so that other participants can scan through to see what looks interesting! I will make sure that the button on my blog will take you to this post. Please make sure to only link-up your posts on this main Master Post so that we can keep everything organized. 

When you leave a qualifying link to one of your posts for this event, you will become eligible to win the giveaways that I will be hosting here throughout the month. The only way to be entered for these prizes is to make sure your posts are linked in the comments on this post (this includes reviews of the books you’ve read, commentary on LGBT topics, or any other posts directly related to this event).

There are also going to be quite a few giveaways hosted by participants of the event (thank you for your generosity!).  Specific details for each of these giveaways may be different, so be sure to read the rules on those giveaway posts carefully and enter if you are interested!  For any of the giveaways, here or at other participants’ blogs, you will need to be pre-registered (by October 5th) for this event in order to win.  

My first read is: Strange Brother (1931) by Blair Niles. What’s yours?!

15 Comments on “Master Post: #TheLiteraryOthers LGBT Reading Event!

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  2. Agh! I can’t cope – too many challenges and projects coming my way right now so will have to decline joining you on this….


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  4. My first post for The Literary Others is a book review of Leah Lax’s Uncovered: How I Left Hasidic Life and Finally Came Home.

    Lax spent years as a Hasidic Jew hoping her marriage and commitment to her religion would heal her. But questions about her sexuality as well as the religion plagued her until she had to acknowledge them. Really intimate portrait of a woman committed to God’s will, trying to make it work, until she can’t.


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