The Folio Society Loves Jane! #AustenInAugustRBR

Please welcome back to Roof Beam Reader, THE FOLIO SOCIETY!

The Folio Society’s collector’s edition of Jane Austen’s Persuasion features stunning images by artist Deanna Staffo.  Her illustrations are perfectly suited to the book’s tone, particularly that which shows Captain Wentworth dropping his pen while writing his letter to Anne – one of the most significant, highly charged scenes in literature, and one of the most beautiful of love letters.

This hardcover title features a stunning cover design; the slipcase reproduces one of the novel’s most famous lines.  Prize winning author Siri Hustvedt contributes a new introduction that examines the notion of ‘persuasion’ as part of the 18th-century New Rhetoric philosophy that would have been familiar to Austen readers.  She also charts the social changes revealed by the story, particularly the conflict between the long-established but moribund Elliot family and Captain Wentworth, who made his fortune in the Napoleonic Wars.

The Folio Society’s Persuasion is published in series with Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, Emma and A Memoir of Jane Austen.  Retail value: $59.95 Only available on


The Folio Society has generously offered to giveaway a copy of their beautiful edition of Persuasion to one lucky Austen in August participant!

To be considered, you must have signed-up for this event on the master post. Please also leave a comment below expressing why you’d like this edition of Persuasion. Good luck! 

Giveaway opens on August 5th and will close at 10pm CST on August 11th. 

13 Comments on “The Folio Society Loves Jane! #AustenInAugustRBR

  1. I’d love to start collecting the beautiful Folio Society Jane Austen collection editions. ‘Persuasion’ is one of my favorite Austen novels, and would be the perfect place to start. I especially love the cover design!


  2. I revisited Persuasion recently. It was much more meaningful through older eyes. Realized how sad Anne’s life had become and it was only going to get worse. As a teenage reader I didn’t get that.


  3. Persuasion is my second favourite of Jane’s books, Pride and Prejudice being my most loved. When I say second, I mean, VERY close second. Anne Elliot is such a precious character. Such silent suffering, keeping inside all her pain, and without a single complaint of all the advantage taken of her. A biddable, sweet nature, with no hopes or expectations in life.and accepting of her miserable lot. She is brave and true and kind and all things good in the world. I adore Anne Elliot. She is a paragon, a woman I admire in the utmost. Yes, she is a figment of Miss Austen’s imagination, but I don’t care. I will always look up to her. And Captain Wentworth’s letter. Was ever a more beautiful letter ever writ? If ever there was a demonstration that true love never dies, this is it.


    • Oops! I am not signed up for Austen in August. So sorry. Should have read more carefully. Please discount my comment. Sorry, once again, for my error.


  4. Yes!! I’m so glad to see this! I just mentioned Folio Society in my Emma post that is about to go live. I absolutely would love to win this beauty. Persuasion is one of the two Jane Austen novels I have yet to read. This one would be lovely on my shelf, right beside Emma.
    Thanks Adam and Folio Society for the generous giveaway!


  5. Persuasion is my favourite Austen. I already have several editions of Persuasion, including my treasured Folio Society edition from 2003.

    As I’m writing this though I realise that having yet another beautiful edition on my shelf is a touch greedy, so just let me say how much I love the FS editions but please give this particular giveaway to someone who doesn’t already own a beautiful copy of Persuasion.


  6. Nothing would make me happier than to win this beautiful edition of one of my favorite novels (short of meeting Ms. Jane herself). I love the character of Anne Elliot who reminds me of my beautiful and extraordinary wife Natalie. It would be great to own this edition as one of my first reviews was ‘Persuasion.’ I will post a link to the post. If you read it, please understand that I was only getting started on book reviews.


  7. While I have several copies of Jane Austen’s novels, I have yet to find my “perfect” editions. The Folio Society’s books are certainly up there on my list of “favorites that I will buy when I have some extra money.” I especially love their covers!


  8. Persuasion is a favourite Austen book, too, especially since I am in my second bloom and I understand more of this book’s depth now.
    I don’t have any Folio Society books. To win such an edition put out by them (with its illustrations!) would be a treat!


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