2018 Bible As Lit Daily Reading Plan: January

Here is my daily reading schedule for January. As mentioned in the original post, this month the reading plan is Genesis 1 through Exodus 40.

Reading a little bit every day makes the process much easier for me, so I thought I would share my plan every month in the hope that it might help some of you all, too.

As always, feel free to read ahead, fall behind, or jump around.

I’ll be back again at the end of each week with my thoughts on that week’s reading. On January 31st, I’ll post a wrap-up for January, with my thoughts on this part of the Bible plus the reading plan for February.

The Reading Plan for January: 

  • Jan 1: Genesis 1-3
  • Jan 2: Gen 4-7
  • Jan 3: Gen 8-11
  • Jan 4: Gen 12-15
  • Jan 5: Gen 16-18
  • Jan 6: Gen 19-21
  • Jan 7: Gen 22-24
  • Jan 8: Gen 25-26
  • Jan 9: Gen 27-29
  • Jan 10: Gen 30-31
  • Jan 11: Gen 32-34
  • Jan 12: Gen 35-37
  • Jan 13: Gen 38-40
  • Jan 14: Gen 41-42
  • Jan 15: Gen 43-45
  • Jan 16: Gen 46-47
  • Jan 17: Gen 48-50
  • Jan 18: Exodus 1-3
  • Jan 19: Ex 4-6
  • Jan 20: Ex 7-9
  • Jan 21: Ex 10-12
  • Jan 22: Ex 13-15
  • Jan 23: Ex 16-18
  • Jan 24: Ex 19-21
  • Jan 25: Ex 22-24
  • Jan 26: Ex 25-27
  • Jan 27: Ex 28-29
  • Jan 28: Ex 30-32
  • Jan 29: Ex 33-35
  • Jan 30: Ex 36-38
  • Jan 31: Ex 39-40

I look forward to sharing my thoughts on the stories and literary elements of the Bible, as I see them, and I am especially eager to hear what you all find in your own explorations. As a reminder, this is a secular reading of the bible as literature, so any/all respectful thoughts and opinions are welcome. In my opinion, the more perspectives we have, the better! 

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8 Comments on “2018 Bible As Lit Daily Reading Plan: January

  1. This should be interesting, though I’m curious about two things. First, will you be reading the parts that were written more as legal codes or arcane genealogies, and two — will you be reading a full version of the Bible that has the Maccabees, the books of Tobit, Judith, etc? A stripped-down version is most common in the United States, but the original KJV had those intact. They were written in Greek, not Hebrew, so some protestants dropped them as not being authentic enough. Frickin’ hipsters.

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      • I want to clarify: Are you reading a Protestant Bible or one of the other Bibles (Catholic, Orthodox, etc.)? I’ve seen both Protestant and Catholic versions of the KJV translation.


      • Interesting… I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a Catholic KJV. I am using the original 1611 James, with 39 books in the OT (no Deuterocanonical books).

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  2. Hi Adam, Happy New Year! Just printed off your day by day January guide and marked in first week so all set to begin. I have the Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition (1966) from my Irish Catholic schooldays (in one ear out the other) have googled to see if it differs from KJV but it’s not very clear. If you think it does please let me know and I’ll get KJV. Thanks, Liz

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    • It will be somewhat different, as it is twice removed from the 1611 KJV, but it shouldn’t be so dramatic that it would cause problems in the read-along. 🙂


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  4. Thanks for the reading schedule. Funny story. I couldn’t find my Archaeological Study Bible I was talking about. Don’t ask. lol So, I decided to get the Kindle version. I remember it being a rather large book so I think the Kindle edition will work out better for me anyway. If I do end up finding my print copy, then I can read from both. 🙂

    Onward! Happy New Year!

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