#2018BibleRBR Daily Reading Plan: February

Here is my daily reading schedule for February. As mentioned in the original post, this month the reading plan is Leviticus 1 through Deuteronomy 4. As always, feel free to read ahead, fall behind, or jump around.

I’ll be back again every Sunday with my thoughts on that week’s reading. On February 28th, I’ll post a wrap-up for the month plus the reading plan for March.

The Reading Plan for February: 

  • Feb 1: Lev 1-4
  • Feb 2: Lev 5-7
  • Feb 3: Lev 8-10
  • Feb 4: Lev 11-13
  • Feb 5: Lev 14-15
  • Feb 6: Lev 16-18
  • Feb 7: Lev 19-21
  • Feb 8: Lev 22-23
  • Feb 9: Lev 24-25
  • Feb 10: Lev 26-27
  • Feb 11: Num 1-2
  • Feb 12: Num 3-4
  • Feb 13: Num 5-6
  • Feb 14: Num 7
  • Feb 15: Num 8-10
  • Feb 16: Num 11-13
  • Feb 17: Num 14-15
  • Feb 18: Num 16-17
  • Feb 19: Num 18-20
  • Feb 20: Num 21-22
  • Feb 21: Num 23-25
  • Feb 22: Num 26-27
  • Feb 23: Num 28-30
  • Feb 24: Num 31-32
  • Feb 25: Num 33-34
  • Feb 26: Num 35-36
  • Feb 27: Deut 1-2
  • Feb 28: Deut 3-4

I look forward to sharing my thoughts on the stories and literary elements of the Bible, as I see them, and I am especially eager to hear what you all find in your own explorations. As a reminder, this is a secular reading of the bible as literature, so any/all respectful thoughts and opinions are welcome. In my opinion, the more perspectives we have, the better! 

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