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Every so often, I stumble across something that gets me so excited I simply must share it with the world. Or at least you all, who comprise my little world! One example of this is probably The Folio Society editions that I share every so often here on the blog.

But something new caught my eye recently while I was wandering around my local Barnes & Noble book store, as I do a few times every week. It’s a series of writing journals called “A Novel Journal,” released by Canterbury Classics.

Here’s how the publisher describes them: “Whether fueling the next great literary masterpiece, or simply adding a sense of tribute to daily journaling, these literary keepsakes bring an element of fun and culture to any writing project. Fashioned with colorful endpapers, color edges, and matching elastic bands to keep covers closed and pages intact, Novel Journals are ideal for gifting and collecting.”

So, here’s the thing. If you are a writer and a reader who, like me, often feels torn between his “loyalty” to one or the other (AM I WRITER? AM I A READER!?), these journals are literally the best of both worlds. Why? Well, not only are they beautiful, and not only do they have an excellent “finger feel,” and not only do they represent the greatest books of all time, with a well-selected quote from said books right there on the cover, but the lines of the journal are actually made up of the entire text of its representative novel, in tiny print! 

Obviously, I couldn’t resist. I was going to get one or two, but ended up leaving the store with five of them. I definitely added a whole bunch more to my wish list, and I plan to pick up at least two more very soon. (It was also fortunate for my wallet that Barnes & Noble had these on clearance!)

The other fabulous element to these journals is the artwork/design on the inside covers, as well as the front-page that explains the selected book and leaves a place for the journal owner to put their name and information. Here’s a look at the insides of the ones I purchased, and in case the image is too small to read, the text inside the font page says, for example, “This journal belongs to ____ and is shared with Edgar Allan Poe.” How delightful is that!?

Ultimately, as I said, I ended up with five (pictured below). But I hope to go back for PETER PAN and WALT WHITMAN this weekend because they were beautiful and I’ve been thinking about them all week!












17 Comments on “A Novel Journal

      • Thank God you have a justified reason for more!
        As for me, I always get 2 pieces of every notebook I own, one for me and one for my bookshelves. (pure obsession).

        P.S. Have you tried Paperblanks notebooks?

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      • No, I haven’t – most of my journals are Punctuate brand or some other soft leather type found at Barnes & Noble. I use a lot of Moleskin journals, too, for notes and ideas. They’re durable and easy to carry around.


  1. Same here, I use lots of local brands and whatever available at my nearest bookstore, still, I sometimes need the perfect notebook to be inspired.

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  2. I told you I’m addicted on Facebook…and now I read this! lol Actually, I do remember seeing these before, but had forgotten. Thanks for the reminder. I just found out they’re also on Amazon (and I’m a Prime member) so I’m putting the ones I love on my wishlist. I’ll have to purchase them one at a time when I get gift card money. They are too awesome to pass up. 🙂

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  3. But, Adam, how are you going to bring yourself to write in them! I already love them too much to consider desecrating them with pen. What a brilliant idea though. I wonder if they have them in the UK.

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  4. Wow!! These are so nice! Have you seen the Word Cloud Classic editions (also by Canterbury)? I just bought Moby Dick and it’s soo beautiful! The end pages are gorgeous!

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    • I did see them briefly while scanning the website. I’ll have to take another look!


  5. Thanks for bringing these to my attention! How I love journaling, not that I would evee consider myself a writer, I just like recording thoughts, odeas, events. I usually use my Midori traveler’s notebook, but I can feel these pull on me.

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