Giveaway: Four Novel Journals

Hi Everyone!

I have a special giveaway for blog subscribers running from July 5th through July 12th.

As many of you know, I’m not just a reader but also a writer. Naturally, I’m obsessed with good journals and pens, but sometimes that means I get a little bit carried away. It’s alright, though, because YOU get to benefit from my madness and impulsivity!

Anyone who subscribes to this blog and enters the Rafflecopter giveaway is eligible to receive one of four Novel Journals (pictured above) from the Canterbury Classics series. The styles are: Arthur Conan Doyle; Edgar Allan Poe; Oscar Wilde; and Henry David Thoreau.

These journals aren’t just beautifully designed (I love the color schemes!) but the lines on each page are actually the complete text of the author’s work in tiny font. Each journal also has an elastic closing strap, a matching ribbon bookmark, colorized page edges, beautifully illustrated front and back interiors, and a pocket to hold notes or stickers, etc. They’re really quite delightful!

Here’s some more information on the series.

The Rules

-Enter the Rafflecopter giveaway using the email or WordPress account you use to subscribe to this blog.

-Follow my Twitter and Facebook accounts (linked on the Rafflecopter) for bonus entries.

-Tweet about the giveaway up to once per day (linked on the Rafflecopter) for bonus entries.

-One winner per journal; open internationally. I am not responsible for items lost in the mail and won’t re-send or replace any missing items.

-Winners will be contacted via email and will have 48-hours to reply with their shipping information. If there’s no response within 48-hours, I’ll select a new winner.

Enter The Rafflecopter!

18 Comments on “Giveaway: Four Novel Journals

  1. Those journals are charming! I also have a weakness for small journals – I ordered some as giveways at work and they did not turn out well at all, which was very disappointing.


  2. So glad this lovely giveaway is international ! Love these journals…I would love the Poe, the Wilde or the Conan Doyle. Greetings from France !


  3. Hallo, Hallo Adam,

    Bless you for nudging me on #booktwt! Goodness, I would have MISSED this completely if you hadn’t – we’ve had nothing but a wreck of a Summer for severe storms — to the brink, since 1st June I barely have been able to connect online at all and my reading life has severely taken a backseat! Grr. I’m hoping July will be better than June as *29!* days out of 30 for severe weather is just a bit too much for me. 😦

    These are positively fab, Adam!! I love journals but haven’t been in the habit of jotting down notes and thoughts or anything in quite a long while. All the years smushed together since my Dad’s stroke (five years this Nov) and I’ve been wondering if I should re-pick up the joy I once had of journalling. I even used to use 5×10 calenders to chart my days / weeks / months and do daily journalling. Bless you for blessing us who love following your readerly and writerly life!!

    I love the details of how the author’s works/words are enscribed into the pages, too! What a delight. I’d be charming blessed for any of these lovelies.Doyle’s quote did make me smile – the others were a bit harder for me to read but I’ve been gathering literary quotes since I was a teen. I even have a few journals stuffed with quotations I’ve found or wrote down whilst I was reading. Quotes always leave a smile and give me a good think about what the writer intended us to deduce from their words. Thanks, Adam!

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  4. Hallo, Hallo Adam,
    Thanks for responding to my enquiry — I am responding to the Q in the giveaway itself – my selection is for Thoreau for how acutely intuitive it is for how life is lived. Earlier, when I was commenting, I hadn’t entered the giveaway itself until I learnt your reply (as I have now) and strangely I was able to see a larger image of the journals now when I clicked the image? I had tried earlier but it hadn’t loaded til now. Very odd. On retrospect, I felt Thoreau’s words impressed and imprinted upon me a quote which I felt suited me most in the current moment ergo, that’s the one I’d love to receive if my name is selected.
    Although, curiously. Poe gives everyone more fodder to chew on doesn’t he?

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