2022 Monthly Retrospective

Happy New Year!

As I mentioned in my 2022 Year in Review, I’m back today to share my favorite reads of the last year. I decided to share one book from each month, so a total of twelve. This is, of course, a bit of an arbitrary way of doing it, and it will ultimately leave out some of my best/favorite reads of the year, but oh well, nothing is perfect!

Don’t forget, too, that the TBR Pile Challenge is back for the tenth year! (#TBRYear10) In celebration, the final end prize will be double the usual: a $100 gift card to a bookstore/website of choice! Now, on to my twelve favorites of 2022, one from each month.













So, there they are! My favorite read from each month in 2022 (sort of). Some of these were REALLY difficult choices, as there were certain months where I read a few 5-star books. The stress of picking just one! Ultimately, when it came down to making a choice, I tried to pick one that I didn’t highlight in my end of year survey.

Incidentally, I’ve started my first book of the new year, James Brandon’s The Edge of Being, which I’m really excited about because his first novel, Ziggy, Stardust and Me, is one of my absolute favorites.

I’d love to hear what your favorite reads of 2022 were! And what book are you reading to start 2023? Please share in the comments!

7 Comments on “2022 Monthly Retrospective

  1. Very interesting list. I’ve just finished Morrison’s Playing In The Dark, which I found to be a challenging but fascinating piece of analysis. I’ve been curious about Zinn’s History; although I don’t read much non-fiction these days it looks quite intriguing. Ditto for Ocean Vuong; I haven’t read his poetry but do have a copy of On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous (currently unread, alas!)

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  2. I just finished Morrison’s Playing in the Dark, which I found to be a challenging but fascinating piece of analysis. Although I don’t read much fiction these days, I’ve had my eye on Zinn’s History and I’d also like to explore Ocean Vuong’s work (I have a copy of his On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous but, alas, haven’t gotten to it yet!)

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