February #TBRYEAR10 Check-In!

Hello, TBR Pile Challengers! 

Welcome to our second checkpoint for this year’s TBR Pile Challenge! It looks like some of you are off to a rip-roaring start! Way to go! As for me? I’m basically right on track, having completed two of my reads & reviews while being about halfway through list selection number three (A People’s History of the United States).

Progress: 2 of 12 Completed

So far, I’ve read and reviewed 2 of my 12 required books. I started Book 3 yesterday, which puts me on track, but more importantly, I need to get my thoughts down for Lee’s Pachinko and for the two completed books in my “friends recommending reads” challenge (Mishima’s Spring Snow and Baldree’s Legends and Lattes.) I always seem to be way ahead in reading but way behind in reviewing. Is it just me?

I still plan to read all 14 of the books on my list this year, the main 12 plus my 2 alternates, so I’m glad to be at least “on track” with one a month. Summer usually leaves me extra time, and I might have some extra reading time this fall during my academic sabbatical. (Maybe? I’ll still be pretty busy, maybe even busier than normal? Yikes.) Long story short: I plan to “win” again this year!

Books read:

How are you doing?


Below, you’re going to find the infamous Mr. Linky widget. If you read and review any challenge books in February, please link-up on the widget below. This Mr. Linky will be re-posted every month so that we can compile a large list of all that we’re reading and reviewing together this year. Each review that is linked-up on this widget throughout the year may also earn you entries into future related giveaways, so don’t forget to keep this updated!


As I mentioned in the Announcement post, there are four mini-challenges planned for this year. Our first checkpoint also brings with it the first mini-challenge!

Here’s the plan: Visit this link to see the list of linked-up participants. Travel around and leave a comment (or two, or five) with some encouragement for this new year and new challenge. Then, when you’re done, come on back to this post and comment with a link to the blog where you left your encouragement.

Everyone who spreads a little cheer and positivity to another challenger’s post(s) will be entered to win a book of choice, up to $15 USD, from The Book DepositoryComments need to be posted and linked-up here by the end of January and the winner, drawn randomly from the collection of comments, will be announced in the February checkpoint post. Only those who registered for the 2023 TBR Pile Challenge by January 31st, 2023 are eligible to participate in these challenges and/or to win any of the TBR Pile prizes. 


9 Comments on “February #TBRYEAR10 Check-In!

  1. I’m so proud of myself! I’ve also read two from my list, and am currently reading the third. 🙂
    Finished: The Princes in the Tower, Alison Weir
    The Loney, Andrew Michael Hurley
    Currently reading: The Maidens, Alex Michaelides
    My reads are linked up.
    I commented here: https://lectureaventure.blogspot.com/2023/01/tbr-pile-2023-challenge-10th-edition.html?sc=1677828640566#c6679100015456161783
    and here: https://myreadersblock.blogspot.com/2023/02/it-walks-by-night.html


  2. I’ve read three so far so am on track. I’ve recently finished Munich by Robert Harris which was very enjoyable. I’ve just started The Moon is a Harsh Mistress by Robert A. Heinlein.

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