>Review: Breakfast of Champions by Kurt Vonnegut

>My first thought, when preparing to sit down and review this book, was that this just was not one of my favorite Vonnegut books. I wanted to say that I was actually quite disappointed, having read three or four other Vonnegut books, and having thoroughly enjoyed each of them. I found Breakfast of Champions, at first, pompously bizarre and pointless. Then, I remembered that Vonnegut’s books are largely autobiographical and that many of his characters were developed across years and decades, and included in many of his novels. Breakfast of Champions, while typically cynical and apocalyptic, like all Vonnegut’s work, has another searing bit of honesty that, upon reflection, I find quite endearing. Vonnegut exposes himself in a back-handed sort of way. He’s telling his readers, and himself, that he’s realized that he is changing, has been changing, over time, and that some of his old thoughts no longer fit – some of his favorite characters need to be put away, or “made free” as Kilgore Trout finally is here. I think it took a lot for Vonnegut to decide to move on and step away from what was comfortable for him, what was so long developed, crafted, and nurtured. To put away what had been successful because it was no longer true for him as a writer – and move on. While not my favorite “read” or subject, after Slaughter-House Five, this is probably one of Vonnegut’s most personal and touching novels. Bravo.

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