Review: Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett

If bumbling, blithering, incomprehensible, baloney is brilliance, then Waiting for Godot is a work of genius! Vladimir and Estragon (Didi and Gogo) are a pair of very close, homeless friends who have nothing better to do than wait around all day for someone or something named Godot. Who is Godot? What does he do? No one knows – the only clue is that he has a white beard. Is he Santa Claus? Beckett’s masterpiece of a tragicomedy is the human condition in text. Mindless, meaningless meandering. Constantly meeting new people who we mistake for old acquaintances – none of whom ever know, understand, or appreciate each other. When suicide begins to look like the “up-side” of things, you know it’s about time to stop waiting for Godot. (Godot written To God?) . Liked it. Didn’t really understand it, but I congratulate myself for this because that’s basically the point.

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