#BBAW Day 2: Interview Swap! (Obsession with Books)

I am honored to have Sharon of Obsession with Books visiting for BBAW Day 2’s “Interview Swap!”  

Please give her a warm welcome!

1)      Tell us a little about your blog – when you started, what your focus is, why you do it, etc.

I started Obsession with Books in March 2011; I had been reading and reviewing on Goodreads but ‘stalking’ book blogs regularly so I thought why not? I can do this; it was an easier way for me to log my thoughts on books and series as well as meet like-minded book lovers and promote authors.

My main focus is promoting books and authors I love in the Young Adult genre, I was all over the place initially, having no clear direction and my book range was quite eclectic so I am now more focused about what I read and blog about – I want to continue to blog for fun and as a hobby.

Blogging is an outlet for me to express my thoughts, get in contact with people who are as passionate about reading as what I am and it’s also an introduction to new books and authors.

2)      Can you give us three books that you consider “Must Reads?”

Can I cheat on this one and give your three series? 😉 My all time favorite author is Karen Marie Moning, her Fever series is one I have read over and over again and I’m sure I’ll continue to. The world she has created is phenomenal and thoroughly entertaining.

Julie Kagawa’s Iron Fey series is another favorite; I love her fantasy world and the characters; each of her books is wonderful and left me thinking about them long after I had finished.

I am hooked on Jennifer L. Armentrout’s Covenant series at the moment, the characters and her take on mythology is compelling and enjoyable and I love the humor she includes in each of her books.

3)      What do you most appreciate about book blogging?

The community as a whole; I have no ‘real life friends or family’ who share my love of reading so I appreciate the ability to be able to chat with other bloggers about books, series, authors etc. and know they understand what I am carrying on about. Also, being able to share my thoughts and opinions about a book with others and believing I am in some way, shape or form helping to influence what they chose to read. It’s also great to be able to promote an author I really like.

4)      When you are not reading or blogging, what else do you like to do with your time?

I have two children so a lot of my time is spent doing mummy things like homework or playing with them – one is in year one and the other in pre-school so my spare days while they are at school gives me a lot of time to do things I love like cooking (I’m a sweet freak), socializing with friends or watching movies (I’m a huge action movie fan) and I am about to start studying by correspondence to be a Teaching Aide.

5)      If you had the opportunity to go back in time and write any book (one that you now consider a favorite), which book would it be and why does it appeal to you?

Most probably book three in the Hunger Games trilogy, Mockingjay – I am a huge fan of this series and although I loved this book I would actually want to re-write it; there were too many loose ends and it felt very rushed, the ending made me sad whereas I wanted happy after everything these characters had endured. It was a bittersweet ending to an otherwise brilliant thought-provoking series.

6)      How would you describe your perfect reading day?

Housework done, no plans whatsoever – down at our local park under a tree with enough snacks and no interruptions to laze back and enjoy my book, far away from real life.

7)      Share an interesting/weird/random/funny fact about yourself with us!

Hmm, this one is hard! I am extremely introverted and shy and have a huge fear of being surrounded by strangers or put on the spot.

None of my family (besides my husband) or friends has any idea I have a blog or that I read as much as I do and filling out interview questions freaks me out 😉

Thank-you so much Adam! It was wonderful ‘meeting’ and getting to know you.

Thanks, Sharon, for stopping by and sharing a bit about yourself and your blog!  And, thank you for your response re: Mockingjay! I completely agree with you about the loose-ends!

Folks, feel free to head on over to Obsession with Books to read my interview responses!

6 Comments on “#BBAW Day 2: Interview Swap! (Obsession with Books)

  1. I will read your re-write of Mockingjay Sharon. Of course you know I already adore you and your blog, but it was nice learning more about you. Great interview Adam.


  2. Thanks so much for interview-swapping with me, Adam 🙂 It was great learning more about you and your wonderful blog..

    PS.. (Your links have been fixed & I’m hoping the images are appearing on your interview? 😉


  3. Thanks for sharing this interview! Both of you are new-to-me, but I love BBAW for making connections between bloggers. #6 (perfect day) sounds lovely. I hope Sharon gets a day like that soon!


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