Sunday Salon (1:3)

RBR Sunday Salon

Volume 1, Issue 3

Welcome to the third volume of Roof Beam Reader’s Sunday Salon!

This week, in addition to recapping my own posts and sharing what I’m currently reading, I’m sharing my favorite reads from my favorite bloggers, as well as a number of fascinating articles from across the web, including some on science, history, and politics.

I look forward to hearing about what you’ve read/written this week, or what you think about the links I’ve shared below. Happy Sunday!

Blog Posts I Loved

Literary Miscellany

History & Politics

Culture & Society

Science, Tech., & Nature

Teaching & Writing

  • The Atlantic: “The Humanities Are in Crisis.” One common explanation does line up with the data fairly well, at least in part: that students fled the humanities after the financial crisis because they became more fearful of the job market. [ . . . ] The fields that have risen in the past decade are almost entirely stem majors, including nursing, engineering, computer science, and biology.
  • Cult of Pedagogy: “Noticing the Good Stuff.” So much happens in a school day, there are literally thousands of discrete interactions and decisions made [ . . . ] and our brains are wired to hold onto negative information to prevent mistakes in the future. So when good or even great things happen in our classrooms or during the school day, they may not be top of mind once class is over.

Posts from Roof Beam Reader

Currently Reading

  • Good Without God by Greg M. Epstein
  • So Big by Edna Ferber (for #CCSPIN)

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2 Comments on “Sunday Salon (1:3)

  1. Thanks Adam for giving me the idea to read ‘Lady Susan’ and I’ve added ‘Dorian Gray’ to my TBR list. I also really enjoyed your review of ‘Sometime After Midnight.’ I just picked up some modern adaptations of both ‘Othello’ and ‘The Odyssey.’ I’m really looking forward to reading them as well. Now if I can only find a way to stop time to read everything I want.

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  2. Good Without God…that’s a title which names me question its veracity.

    I like this post, though, and how you highlight important works you have found and read.


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