April Checkpoint! #TBR2019RBR

Hello, TBR Pile Challengers! 

We have made it to the First Quarter mark of the TBR Pile Challenge! We already have more than 140 reviews/checkpoints linked up on our Mr. Linky, which is pretty great! Well done to all of you! 

As for me, I’ve made the tiniest bit of progress since last month, which is that I actually managed to read and review one more book. I’ve read another 3 books that were not on my list, so my actual reading consumption has been pretty good so far this year. I think I’m ahead of my Goodreads goal pace. 

Progress: 3 of 12 Completed / 3 of 12 Reviewed

So far, I’ve read and reviewed 3 of my required 12 books, which puts me just slightly behind schedule. I’m about to start reading book #4, LETTERS TO A YOUNG POET, so if I can get that review posted before end of April, that will allow me to hit 4 books in 4 months, which is right on pace! I’ve got summer break coming soon (6 weeks!), during which time I hope to read at a steadier clip and get myself ahead of the curve. My plan all along has been to read all 14 of the books on my list, and I’d like to do that by the December 15 final checkpoint so that I’ve got everything posted before the challenge ends. But, as always, this is T.B.D. 

Books read:

How are you doing?


Below, you’re going to find the infamous Mr. Linky widget. If you read and review any challenge books this month, please link-up on the widget below. This Mr. Linky will be re-posted every month so that we can compile a large list of all that we’re reading and reviewing together this year. Each review that is linked-up on this widget throughout the year may also earn you entries into future related giveaways, so don’t forget to keep this updated!


As we celebrate this 25% milestone for 2019, I introduce you to our second Mini-Challenge. Here’s all you need to do: Comment on this post with a book review WRITTEN BY ANOTHER CHALLENGER that you would recommend we read. So, yes, spend a little time visiting our fellow readers, maybe even say hello while you’re on their blog, but then come on back here and comment with a review you really enjoyed or appreciated in some way. If you can tell us why (briefly), all the better!

You can find a list of everyone who has linked-up reviews so far by clicking on the “LINK UP YOUR REVIEWS” text below. Remember, you should also be posting your progress points there, too, so that you’re collecting entries toward the big $50 grand prize at the end of the year. Good luck to you all! Happy reading and happy blog hopping!



12 Comments on “April Checkpoint! #TBR2019RBR

  1. I’ve read 8 of the 14 on my list. Yay! I’m reading two of the others, so I am making a good dent in my list. One, however, will need to be taken in a little more slowly. But I think I still have a pretty good shot at finishing all 14 unless something unforeseen comes up.

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  2. I’ve read and reviewed four of the required twelve–so I’m on track to complete the required number. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get the two alternates done as well.


  3. Overall, I’ve completed four reviews with another one coming soon. I’m feeling confident I can read all of my selections for this year. There are two reviews from my fellow bloggers I thought I would share as they cover two of my favorite novels:

    Just Reading A Book (Northanger Abbey)

    In the Bookcase (The Secret Garden)

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  4. I think I’ve just DNF’d a second book on my list which now means I need to be sure to read all the others and the alternates.

    I want to share Judith’s post about Frankenstein: https://readerinthewilderness.blogspot.com/2019/01/a-review-of-mary-shelleys-frankenstein.html
    This post reminded me why that was such a great book and made me want to read it again. I think we all grow up basically knowing what that story is about, except the idea we have of it is very different from the actual book. I’ve read it a couple of times and it haunted me for quite a while afterward.

    But I also want to share Jane’s review of Northanger Abbey: https://justreadingabook.wordpress.com/2019/03/27/northanger-abbey/
    Because I think that one is really underrated and I’m always happy to see when someone else enjoys it!

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  5. Just linked up to the two books I’ve managed to read so far this year. I’m behind the pace for sure, but working at it!


  6. I’ve got off to a slow start this year and have only managed to post one review, but never mind on my way now! I’m sharing Judith’s post on Frankenstein because I’m about to read it and it was very encouraging and Joel’s review of number9dream because even though I don’t think I’ll ever read it, it was very special.


  7. Oh dear, it’s already April and I haven’t so much as picked up any of my TBR challenge books! I guess that’s the goal for spring – to finally get started!

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