Review: Blindness by Jose Saramago

Truly thought-provoking story about a world gone blind. But why? The philosophy behind the story is subtle enough to let the story itself remain interesting – until the last page where Saramago pushes the obviousness of his purpose onto the reader. This is unfortunate, because it had been, up to that point, a story of interpretation, which made it all the more fascinating. I was also highly impressed with Saramago’s prose-style – allowing the dialogue not to be separated, but to run together for pages at a time, connected only by commas; however, I’ve discovered that this is the style in many (if not all) of his novels, thereby negating the idea that Saramago was cleverly “blinding” the reader along with the novel’s characters. Quite a let down there. All-in-all, though, the story is genius and it is told quite well. I couldn’t help but be drawn in – scared, sympathetic, and even, at times, amused. Highly recommended.

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